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Director: Pieter G. Postema, MD, PhD, Cardiologist-Electrophysiologist at the Cardiology Department of the  Academic Medical Center, Amsterdam University Medical Centers, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Design and maintenance: Dr. Postema in collaboration with Jonas S.S.G. de Jong, MD, PhD, Cardiologist-Electrophysiologist at the Cardiology Department of the Onze Lieve Vrouwe Gasthuis, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Pieter G. Postema, MD, PhD, cardiologist
Director of BrugadaDrugs.org and Chair of the BrugadaDrugs.org Advisory Board
Secretary of the Cardionetworks Foundation
Department of Cardiology, Academic Medical Center, University of Amsterdam
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Jonas S.S.G. De Jong, MD, PhD, Cardiologist-Electrophysiologist
Chair of the Cardionetworks Foundation
Department of Cardiology, Onze Lieve Vrouwe Gasthuis (OLVG hospital)
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

This site has been registered by cardionetworks.org. The Cardionetworks Foundation is a non-profit organization based in The Netherlands and founded by Jonas S.S.G. de Jong, MD, PhD, in 2007. The goals of the Foundation are: “to improve medical knowledge, especially in the field of cardiology, and to provide access to this knowledge by facilitating publications in digital or other form, amongst other means by building and maintaining websites“. This website is published under a creative commons license. All information is freely accessible, without login or registration. You are welcome to use the information provided in your non-commercial presentations and educational materials, but we ask that you acknowledge the source.

BrugadaDrugs.org is made possible by unrestricted support of The Cardionetworks.org Foundation (in Dutch: Stichting Cardionetworks, see www.Cardionetworks.org), which pays for all hosting costs. As a charitable foundation, Cardionetworks subsequently relies entirely on the generosity of supporters to allow us to continue in our work such as making the BrugadaDrugs.org website possible. To join our list of supporters please use the donation button below or contact us through the contact form below to discuss other ways to contribute. Donations to the Cardionetworks Foundation can be tax deducted in the Netherlands. Any contribution you are able to make helps us fto urther promote free global access to vital medical information and resources. Thanks in advance you for your kind generosity.

Please know that the authors and the members of the BrugadaDrugs.org Advisory Board have no commercial interests in this website and provide this service without compensation.

If you have questions or remarks about this site, or when you are in need of support, please contact us.

We also welcome the submission of case reports to BrugadaDrugs.org (including ECGs) referring to new drugs or new drug-responses in Brugada syndrome. This refers to the induction of a type-1 ECG by a certain drug and/or the induction of arrhythmias, but also to the save use of a drug in a Brugada syndrome patient. The BrugadaDrugs.org Advisory Board will review your case report. If accepted, we will change the site accordingly and, if you agree, place the case report online.

Please cite this site as:
Postema PG, Wolpert C, Amin AS, Probst V, Borggrefe M, Roden DM, Priori SG, Tan HL, Hiraoka M, Brugada J, Wilde AA. Drugs and Brugada syndrome patients: review of the literature, recommendations and an up-to-date website (www.brugadadrugs.org). Heart Rhythm 2009;6(9):1335-1341. (Free available from Heart Rhythm, PubMed link here).
Or as:
Postema PG, Neville J, de Jong JS, Romero K, Wilde AA, Woosley RL. Safe drug use in long QT syndrome and Brugada syndrome: comparison of website statistics. Europace. 2013;15(7):1042-9. (PubMed link here).

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