Brugada syndrome

BrP Challenge/paper#22:Expert cardiologists cannot distinguish between Brugada phenocopy and Brugada syndrome electrocardiogram patterns.Gottschalk BH,..., Brugada J, Brugada P, Wilde A, Chiale PA, Pérez-Riera AR, Elizari MV, De Luna AB...Baranchuk A. Europace 2016;18(7):1095-100

@ingomar_gutmann I’m at risk too: I suffer from the cardiac Brugada’s syndrome. For now, I retired my 4 years old boy from school. He’s with his mother in Sicily, where we are from. I couldn’t and wouldn’t risk, for me and for him. Here’s the decree ⬇️

Case report: Synergetic effect of ischaemia and increased vagal tone inducing ventricular fibrillation in a patient with Brugada syndrome. #brugada #cardiotwitter #epeeps

Go study 📉Brugada Syndrome.📈

@TKohHock @501Awani Serangan jantung x kira muda atau tua. Most atlit dpt attack during their active activity. Do google search about brugada syndrome..

Great job Michiel @blok_michiel! Mechanisms of Arrhythmias in the Brugada Syndrome ##mdpiijms via @IJMS_MDPI

Brugada Syndrome: Type 1 "Coved" ST elevation V1 Type 2 "Saddleback" ST elevation V1 (see #ECG) Type 3 Combo 1+2

Great honour to have contributed with our chapter on the Brugada Syndrome ECG @BehrElijah…

Arrhythmias are always a consideration with a patient who comes in with a syncopal episode. Brugada syndrome is a potentially life threatening arrhythmia associated with ST changes in the precordial leads. See below for characteristic ECG changes #CincyAI