Brugada syndrome

Learn more about the genetics of Brugada Syndrome, COVID shots for kids with SADS conditions, the connection between epilepsy and LQTS, and much more by catching up on this week’s SADS Live with @MJAckermanMDPhD! Watch at….

4/ Or the crps in my arms that makes wearing a t-shirt painful and being unable to use my entire arm? Or is it the Brugada Syndrome that can cause my heart to fail any moment of any day? That makes me unhireable cause I could drop dead anytime.

I had a cardiac arrest yesterday that I worked for 35 minutes. We obtained ROSC and I immediately performed a 12 lead ECG and began post-code care (pressor, etc). My first 12 lead was obtained and it was showing Brugada Syndrome. The patient then went into V-fib.

Inherited and Acquired Rhythm Disturbances in Sick Sinus Syndrome, Brugada Syndrome, and Atrial Fibrillation: Lessons from Preclinical Modeling. #brugada #cardiotwitter #epeeps

Mechanistic insights into the interaction of cardiac sodium channel Nav1.5 with MOG1 and a new molecular mechanism for Brugada syndrome. #brugada #cardiotwitter #epeeps

Generation of two induced pluripotent stem cell lines from Brugada syndrome affected patients carrying SCN5A mutations. #brugada #cardiotwitter #epeeps

@Aswath_Silber Hay cosas de las que sentirse orgulloso. Por ejemplo, the Brugada syndrome.…

@helblythe I’m so sorry for your loss. We see you Benedict. 💔 My nephew died suddenly at age 2. Please look into the genetic disorder Brugada Syndrome. Also you may find help and comfort from the wonderful folks at SADS