Brugada syndrome

Hybrid mini-thoracotomy approach for Zero-fluoroscopy epicardial ablation of the arrhythmogenic substrate in Brugada syndrome! New approach for BRS! @IacopinoSaverio #EPeeps #CardioTwitter #brs…

@EvoenergyACT The first time this was reported was a year ago, while I really do appreciate your crews out in the cold trying to Band-Aid this for the however many time. In Ammon pl there is a person with myasthenia gravis and brugada syndrome. Plus another with Parkinson’s.

Analysis of site-specific late potentials using a novel Holter signal-averaged electrocardiography in patients with Brugada syndrome…

มีจองกับพี่ๆ ควรไปตรวจ ว่าเป็น Brugada Syndrome รึป่าวนะ เห็นบอกมีคนนอนหลับแล้วไปหลายคนในครอบครัวอ่ะ #MyLiberationNotesEp14

@janecautious Well... Perhaps. Look up Brugada Syndrome. Also known as Sudden Unexpected Death Syndrome. My dad died from it when he was 31. I'll be 34 next week. Valid points you give for sure! But there are some weird ass conditions out there...

Your relative with heart problems has constant nightmares Me knowing nightmares are a symptom of brugada syndrome

Thanks Dear All for sharing, alot of times sudden infant cot deaths are not fully understood.One rare cause is Brugada's Syndrome.

แต่ก็แอบคิดทุกวันอ่ะว่าชั้นไม่ควรตื่นอ่ะ แบบหลับ ๆ ไปเลยอ่ะ แบบ brugada syndrome งี้

@FranBermudz @seccCFyGenetCV @rbarvil @xenux88 @CSHeartResearch @SPapatheodorou @KylaDunn5 @SrihariNaiduMD @MasriAhmadMD @glimongelli Repeat ECG placing V1-V2 electrodes in the 1-2 intercostal space,probably Brugada syndrome. Moreover provocative testing (flecainide, ajmaline,procainamide).

@AsasiraIgnatiu2 @InternalmedMak @MakCHS_SOM congratulations 👏👏 Hope you now know Brugada syndrome

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