Brugada syndrome

I'm so thankful for my Brugada Syndrome diagnosis last month, and glad that doctors were able to treat it by implanting a defibrillator in my chest. #WorldHeartDay2022 ❤️…

@noodles_nood Turn the hearing off and stay cool. We both had rigors after our Pfizer boosters. Hubby has Brugada syndrome so we know that fevers are not helpful. Good luck.

@steven_lubitz @noseworthypeter Do you see the new temperature monitoring feature of the Apple Watch in combination with the ECG advancements, as a potential opportunity for other arrhythmia disorders, such as Brugada syndrome? If not, are any other wearables or implantables on the horizon that look promising?

The ECG is probably the single most important screening tool for Brugada pattern or Brugada Syndrome #GEHealthcare #DCARInsights #CardioTwitter

allele(s), or a pathogenic or likely pathogenic variant in an autosomal recessive gene or an X-linked recessive gene in female patients. AR indicates arrhythmia; ARVC, arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy; BrS, Brugada syndrome; CM, cardiomyopathy; CPVT,

@FranBermudz @JovenesSec @cardioteca @SeguraCardio @HiguerasJavier Suspicious for LQTs and Brugada syndrome (can elicit pattern with high precordial lead placement and procainamide)

Though i exercise a lot,have a good diet still my BP goes up every night & am often feel light headedness,it is likely caused by my brugada syndrome,. sometimes i feel that my time is almost up.

@EpictetusPhD They're going to greatly reduce the incidence of Brugada syndrome in future generations, I think.