Brugada syndrome

@ManoloVasquez18 @davidperrotin Il a été expliqué un nombre incalculable de fois que cette liste n'établit en aucun cas une causalité. Si demain un homme de 28 ans atteint d'un syndrome de Brugada silencieux jusque là fait un arrêté cardiaque une semaine après son vaccin il sera dedans par exemple.

@rcatanese @MarkWhyy One our players had wpw syndrome and continued after an ablation. If he has like brugada syndrome and icd is the treatment, wouldn’t be surprised that he continued playing with closer monitoring

@39Alun @DIVIZIO1 @Domi6953NS2017 Merci. C'est ce qu'intuitivement je crois comprendre. J'ai: -arterite opérée 2 fois -antécédent de Purpura thrombopenique sévère -syndrome de brugada -arythmie atriale -sarcoidose en cours de suivi 74 ans Mon généraliste veut me vacciner!?!?!?.Je résiste

An Osborn wave or J wave is a deflection with a dome or hump configuration at the J point (R-ST junction). It is characteristically seen in hypothermia although not pathognomonic. Other reported cases include hypercalcemia and Brugada syndrome #CincyAI…

Open Access UCL Research: A Primary Prevention Clinical Risk Score Model for Patients With Brugada Syndrome (BRUGADA-RISK)…

A Case of J Wave Syndrome Due to Severe Hypercalcemia with Ventricular Fibrillation Storm and Successful Treatment of Isoproterenol Infusion. #brugada #cardiotwitter #epeeps

مرات اشك اني cardiac nurse من كثر حالات الكاردياك اللي استلمها 😅 عموماً تعرفت على مرض جديد عليا وعرفت انو نادر brugada syndrome (BrS) الموضوع كان مشوق حاولت اعمل قراءة سريعه عنو ، طبعاً راح للكاث لاب 🏃🏼‍♀️

Does function Trump bioinformatics in Brugada syndrome-associated SCN5A Mutation calling? Patients, computers, and patches…

This patient survived #cardiac #arrest ? What is the likely diagnosis ? A. #Brugada syndrome type 1. Cardiac catheterization is needed to r/o CAD B. WPW syndrome. C. HOCM

Charles Antzelevich, PhD, and Hector Barájas-Martínez, PhD, were coauthors of a study finding common variants of SCN10A are associated with increased susceptibility to Brugada Syndrome. #heartdisease #heart